Launch Report

May 19, 2001
Billings, MT

Temp: Upper 70s.
Wind: 5 to 15 mph south
Where: BLM land at 17 mile marker

Flights in order
Estes Black Brant IID12-7
Modified Estes Big DaddyG64-7W
Aerotech ArreauxG40-10W
Aerotech ArcasH180-10W
Rocket R&D 4" SandhawkJ415-W
Estes Bull PupC6-5
Modified Estes Big DaddyH97-10J
Nike SmokeJ570-W

Small crowd for the third BSRA launch of the year. Nice weather but moderate winds. My first launch was the Estes Black Brant II on a D12-7. It was a nice flight with a perfect delay, but unfortunately it took off as soon as I connected the ignitor clips due to a broken relay box. Next was the Big Daddy on a G64-7W. It had a great flight. Then I flew the Arreaux on a G40-10W for an excellent flight. I lost sight of it but fortunately others spotted it. My forth flight was the Arcas on a H180-10W for a nice flight. Next was the Sandhawk on a J415-W. It was a perfect flight to 3,926 feet. I dusted the Bull Pup off and flew it on a C6-5. Then I flew the Big Daddy on a H97-10J. It had a nice flight and it only took me 30 minutes to find it :). The last flight of the day was the Nike Smoke. I selected a J570-W because I wanted to keep the altitude down with the winds. It ripped to 2,529 feet, pulling a maximum 15Gs, for a very nice flight.

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