Launch Report

March 17, 2001
Billings, MT

Temp: Upper 40s to low 50s.
Wind: 5 to 15 mph
Where: BLM land at 17 mile marker

Flights in order
Modified Estes Big DaddyG64-7W
Edmonds Deltie Boost GliderA3-4T
Modified Estes Big DaddyH97-10J
Vaughn Bros. Javelin 4.0J275-W

Nice crowd for the first BSRA launch of the year. I had all three kids with me today, including my 2-1/2 year old, so I didn't get to launch very much. My first launch was the newly completed Estes Big Daddy, modified with a 29mm motor mount and carbon fiber lamination. It was a nice flight, but the delay was very short, about 2 seconds. The carbon fiber stood up to the test without any damage. Next was the Deltie boost glider on an A3-4T. Then I flew the Big Daddy again, this time on a H97-10J. It held together without any problems. Jackson carried the Big Daddy around for the rest of the day and took a nap with it. Then I flew the Javelin on a J275-W for a nice flight. Unfortunately the main deployed at apogee. The IA-X96 reported 3,517 feet. Between the kids and the wind I called it a day.

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