Launch Report

October 26, 2000
Billings, MT

Temp: 50
Wind: 5 to 10 mph
Where: BLM land at 17 mile marker

Flights in order
Aerotech ArcasG38-7FJ
Aerotech ArreauxG33-7J
Holverson Silver Hawk GliderA10-3T
Estes Alien Space ProbeD12-3
Aerotech ArcasG33-5J
Estes Alien Space ProbeE18-4W
LOC Hi-Tech H45H123-10W
Edmonds Deltie Boost GliderA3-4T
Estes Big BerthaB6-0/C6-7
Estes Shadow #2G33-7J

An impromptu launch by Paul Mazel and me. First up was the Arcas on a G38-7FJ for a nice flight. Next was the Arreaux on a G33-7J for another nice flight. Then I flew the Silver Hawk boost glider on an A10-3T. It flew well but has too steep of a glide. I flew the Alien Space Probe on a D12-3. It flew fine but the chute stuck in the body tube (again). Next up was the Arcas an a G33-5J for a another nice flight. I tried the Alien Space Probe again, this time on an E18-4W. It stuck on the rod (again!), came off at a severe angle and powered into the ground. Miraculously it only suffered minor damage. The Hi-Tech was next on a H123-10W for a nice flight; however, the chute tangled and did not inflate. The body tube crimped a little on landing. I flew the Deltie boost glider on an A3-4T for a great flight and glide. Then I CHAD staged the Big Bertha on a B6-0/C6-7 combo that worked nicely. The final flight of the day was the Shadow #2 on a G33-7J for a nominal flight.

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