Launch Report

September 17, 2000
Bonneville Salt Flats, UT

Temp: 80 degrees.
Wind: 5 to 10 mph
Where: HellFire 6, Bonneville Salt Flats, UT

Flights in order
Vaughn Bros. Javelin 4.0K700-W
LOC Hi-Tech H45H45-10W
Nike SmokeK550-W
Rocket R&D 4" SandhawkK560-W
Aerotech ArreauxH180-10W
Nike SmokeK550-W

HellFire 6, Day 3: The winds were much nicer today, and were blowing away from the water to the west. My first flight was the Javelin on a K700-W. It had an excellent flight, with the IA-X96 reporting 11,131 feet, 819 mph, and 21.3 Gs. Next was the Hi-Tech H45 on a H45-10W. I really like that motor. I flew the Nike Smoke on a K550-W for a nice flight. The AltAcc reported 4582 feet. Then I flew the Sandhawk on another 75mm K560-W for another great flight. The Missile Works RRC2 reported 8594 feet. The Arcas flew on a H180-10W for a nice flight. The small crack in the fin got a little longer. The last flight of the day was the Nike Smoke on another K550-W. The AltAcc reported 4719 feet.

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