Estes Viking

This was a Viking clone I built from the Estes Betatron kit. It has parts to make two rockets, so I built this and a Yellow Jacket clone. I got the kit mainly for the fin guides. This was my first rocket casualty. The day I lost it, it flew really high, straight into the sun. We heard the ejection, but never saw it again. This is even more amazing as we were launching in about four square miles of flat, treeless BLM land. I guess it's out there in the sagebrush somewhere.

Status: Lost

Flt Date Motor Comments
1) 4/20/97 A8-3 Broke fin on landing. This is where I learned you need to sand the body tube before gluing on the fins.
2) 4/26/97 B6-4 Small "Estes dent."
3) 4/26/97 C6-5 Flys really high.
4) 4/27/97 B6-4 First launch of the day. Lost.

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