Estes Transwing Super Glider

My first attempt at a boost glider. I have ordered a Deltie Boost Glider for my NARTREK Silver level, but it is back-ordered. So I thought I'd get some experience first with this one. And if I can get a 30 second flight from it, great. I have broke the wings off twice while testing for stability.

Dia: 0.976"; Length: 22.0"; Glider Wt.: 2.0 oz.; Glider Wingspan: 24"; Motor (1): 18mm
Status: Destroyed.

Flt Date Motor Comments
1) 10/10/97 B6-2 Arced over a bit. One wing did not fold out, nose-dived into the lawn. No damage.
2) 10/10/97 C6-3 Arced over a bit. Steep spiral glide, hit in the street. Only minor damage (cockpit broke off, but wings intact). Needs more tail weight.
3) 3/15/98 B6-4 Arced over a lot. Ejected 10 feet from the ground. No damage.
4) 3/15/98 C6-3 Arced over a lot. Ejected 5 feet from the ground. Broke glider in half (good, this one is a terrible rocket).

The Transwing Super Glider on the pad.

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