Estes Terrier/Sandhawk

This is an Estes Pro Series kit. The Terrier actually comes with plywood centering rings, but has the same cheap two-piece plastic fins as my Python. The Sandhawk was hard to build as the plastic fins were partially warped. I used wire from big paper clips for the antennae, as the plastic ones it comes with won't even make to the launch site. The payload section has cheap, small plastic tabs to twist on the nose cone, and of course they broke off. I just glued the payload section shut. All that aside, the finished rocket looks great and flies quite well. I flew the Sandhawk alone but lost the nose cone/payload section on 7/31/97. Finally got a replacement part and finished the new payload section 3/1/98.

Dia: 1.835"; Length: 46"; Wt.: 8.6 oz.; Motor (1): 24mm
Recommended motor: D12-3, E15-4, E30-5
Status: Active.

Flt Date Motor Comments
1) 4/26/97 D12-3 Nice first flight.
2) 4/26/97 D12-3 Broke the cheap plastic tabs off the nose cone
3) 4/27/97 D12-3  
4) 5/25/97 D12-3 Excellent flight. Caught it.
5) 5/25/97 D12-3 Another excellent flight. Caught it again.
6) 6/15/97 D12-3 "D" motor flight for NARTREK Bronze level.
7) 7/13/97 D12-3  
8) 7/13/97 D12-3 Broke nose cone off, bent antennae on some rocks.
9) 7/31/97 E15-7W Sandhawk only. Excellent flight, but lost nose cone (never saw it, must have broke shock cord).
10) 3/15/98 D12-3 Nice flight, some corkscrew.
11) 4/02/98 D12-3 Nice flight.
12) 4/09/98 D12-3 Another nice flight.
13) 4/22/98 D12-3  
14) 4/23/98 E30-7T Perfect flight and delay.
15) 5/07/98 E30-7T Another perfect flight and delay.
16) 5/13/98 E15-7W Fair flight, delay a little long. Broke part of a Terrier fin on landing.
17) 5/25/98 D12-5 Nice flight, some corkscrew.
18) 8/22/98 D12-3 Good flight.
19) 10/24/98 D12-3  
20) 2/27/99 E30-4T Nice flight, some corkscrew, delay a little short.
21) 5/08/99 E30-7T Nice flight and delay.
22) 7/10/99 E30-7T Nice flight.
23) 8/14/99 E30-7T Nice flight. Chute tangled, no damage.
24) 9/11/99 E30-7T Nice flight.

My Terrier/Sandhawk on the pad.
The Terrier/Sandhawk lifting off on a D12-3. 3/15/98.
The Terrier/Sandhawk on a E15-7W. 5/13/98.

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