Super Big Bertha

This is a Big Bertha modified with a 24mm motor mount. I used 3/16" plywood centering rings, basswood fins, all epoxy. I made a 6" payload compartment by cutting the body tube. I got brave (or stupid) and tried it with an E motor. I saw the area where it landed, but couldn't find it.

Dia: 1.64"; Length: 24"; Wt.: 3.5 oz.; Motor (1): 24mm
Status: Lost

Flt Date Motor Comments
1) 5/25/97 D12-7 Flew really high! Used a streamer just before launch (smart idea!). Minor fin damage as landed on asphalt.
2) 6/08/97 D12-7 Another nice flight. Used an 18" chute with spillhole.
3) 7/14/97 E18-7W Excellent flight, slight corkscrew. Drifted way over somewhere into Alkali Creek area, lost along with another RMS 24/40 casing :(

Super Big Bertha.
Super Big Bertha starts to lift off with a D12-7. 6/08/97
Super Big Bertha returning to Earth. 6/08/97

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