PML Sudden Rush

This is my first Public Missles Ltd. rocket. It has phenolic body tubes and "G-10" fiberglass fins. It has the Close Proximity Recovery system that requires an altimeter. It fires a drogue chute at apogee and the main chute later (when depends on the altimeter settings). The Sudden Rush construction is VERY different from the typical rocket. I'm using a ROCKETMAN R7C and drogue parachutes. I am also using 1/2" tubular nylon in place of the elastic shock cords.

Dia: 3.002"; Length: 66"; Wt.: 69 oz. (with altimeter/charges); Motor (1): Kwik-Switch 54mm
Recommended motor: H123-W, I211-W, I284-W, J350-W, J275-W, J415-W
Status: Active

Flt Date Motor Comments
1) 5/16/98 I211-W Excellent flight. Main deployed early due to shock of drogue deployment. My first I motor flight. IA-X96 reported 3085 ft. (2655 ft. barometric), 10.2 Gs, 303 max mph.
2) 6/04/98 I211-W Excellent flight. Main again deployed early due to shock of drogue deployment. IA-X96 reported 3075 ft. (3217 ft. barometric), 15.7 Gs, 305 max mph.
3) 7/11/98 I284-W Excellent flight. Dual deployment worked perfectly. IA-X96 reported 4247 ft. (3642 ft. barometric), 20.2 Gs, 384 max mph.
4) 8/06/98 J350-W Excellent flight. Broke off aft launch lug. IA-X96 reported 5307 ft. (4045 ft. barometric), 20.3 Gs, 459 max mph.
5) 8/22/98 J350-W Excellent flight, perfect two-stage recovery. IA-X96 reported 5288 ft. (4417 ft. barometric), 20.2 Gs, 462 max mph.

A picture of the PML Sudden Rush kit.
PML Sudden Rush first flight on an I211-W. 5/16/98.
PML Sudden Rush on an J350-W at LDRS 17. 8/06/98.

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