Estes Alien Space Probe

This is a modified out-of-production Estes kit. I fiberglassed the body tube and balsa fins with one layer of 2 oz. fiberglass cloth, and put in a 24mm motor mount instead of the 18mm. I used carbon fiber tubes instead of the wooden dowels for the legs.

Dia: 2.6"; Length: 28"; Wt: 7.8 oz ; Motor (1): 24mm (stock 18mm)
Recommended motor: D12-3, F24-7W
Status: Active.

1)10/14/00D12-3Nice flight. Chute stuck in body tube, minimal damage.
2)10/14/00F24-7WStuck on the launch rod. An interesting static burn. Cracked one of the carbon fiber legs.
3)10/14/00F24-7WAngled off rod, delay way too long. No damage.
4)10/26/00D12-3Nice flight. Chute stuck in body tube again.
5)10/26/00E18-4WStuck on rod, then came off at an angle and powered into the ground. Minimal damage.
6)4/12/03F24-7WNice flight. Chute stuck in body tube, no damage.
7)4/12/03F24-7WNice flight. Everything worked right for a change.
8)6/14/03F24-7WNice flight.
9)6/14/03E18-4WNice flight.
10)7/12/03F24-7WNice flight.
11)7/12/03F24-7WNice flight.
12)4/24/04D12-3Chute stuck in body tube, no damage.
13)4/24/04F24-4WNice flight. Broke a leg off on landing.


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