Scotglas 5.5" Nike Smoke

This is a 5.5" diameter Nike Smoke kit made by Scotglas Manufacturing and purchased from Giant Leap Rocketry. I had the 48" phenolic body tube laminated with Kevlar® and fiberglass, and finished (I hate sanding). It looks like it was vacuum-bagged. It comes with a scale fiberglass nose cone and fiberglass fins. There are no instructions with the kit, but it goes together like most high power rockets. It has a 54mm phenolic MMT with three 1/2-inch plywood centering rings. I cut the motor mount tube to 24" as this is long enough for a K700 motor. It comes with a 5/8" Kevlar® shock cord from Pratt Hobbies, but no parachute (I am using a ROCKETMAN R12C parachute). I am using an Aero Pack motor retainer. It came with conformal launch lugs from ACME Engineering; however, they won't allow the launch rod to clear the nose cone, so I used them on my 4" Sandhawk. I used a plywood standoff for the forward launch lug, and glued the aft launch lug to a fin. I had the vinyl lettering done by Randall Brust.

Dia: 5.5"; Length: 83"; Wt: 172 oz. (10 lbs, 12 oz.); Motor (1): 54mm
Manufacturer recommended motors:
Status: Damaged.

1)5/29/99I284-WGood initial flight. AltAcc reported 1013 feet, 6.7 Gs, and 162 max mph.
2)5/30/99K700-WExcellent flight. AltAcc reported 6567 feet, 12.3 Gs, 535 max mph.
3)6/19/99J570-WNice flight. AltAcc reported 2631 feet, 18.1 Gs, 288 max mph.
4)6/19/99J570-WAnother nice flight. AltAcc reported 2383 feet, 13.3 Gs, 251 max mph.
5)7/10/99J350-WNice flight. AltAcc reported 1398 feet, 9.8 Gs, 196 max mph.
6)7/10/99J350-WAnother nice flight. AltAcc reported 1517 feet, 9.5 Gs, 199 max mph.
7)8/14/99J570-WNice flight. Tore the launch lugs off. AltAcc reported 2393 feet, 15.2 Gs, 256 max mph.
8)9/25/99K700-WNice flight. AltAcc reported 5976 feet.
9)9/26/99J570-WNice flight. AltAcc reported 2585 feet, 16.3 Gs.
10)4/15/00J415-WNice flight, about 3500 feet. Unable to get data from AltAcc.
11)7/15/00K550-WNice flight. AltAcc reported 4551 feet, 11.3 Gs, 406 max mph.
12)9/15/00J570-WNice flight. Nose cone separated as I forgot to connect it to the shock cord. Minor crack. AltAcc reported 2468 feet, 12.5 Gs, 291 max mph.
13)9/17/00K550-WNice flight. AltAcc reported 4582 feet, 9.1 Gs, 411 max mph.
14)9/17/00K550-WAnother nice flight. AltAcc reported 4719 feet, 9.9 Gs, 429 max mph. End of body tube developing a crack.
15)10/14/00K550-WNice flight. AltAcc reported 4662 feet, 10.3 Gs, 405 max mph. Body tube crack getting much worse.
 3/25/01 Four inches of forward body tube cut off to remove cracks. Rocket now 79" long.
16)4/22/01K550-WNice flight. AltAcc reported 4798 feet, 10.8 Gs, 426 max mph.
17)5/19/01J570-WNice flight. AltAcc reported 2529 feet, 15.1 Gs, 277 max mph.
18)6/16/01K550-WNice flight. AltAcc reported 4662 feet, 10.8 Gs, 428 max mph.
19)7/4/01K550-WNice evening flight for pre-fireworks show in Cody, WY. Tore the front launch lug off. AltAcc reported 3898 feet, 6.1 Gs, 363 max mph.
20)8/18/01J570-WNice flight. AltAcc reported 16.1 Gs, 289 mph, and 2507 feet.
21)9/14/01K695-RNice flight. AltAcc reported 3,757 feet, 10.2 Gs, 409 max mph.
22)11/17/01I435-TNice flight. AltAcc reported 1,052 feet, 9.8 Gs, 156 max mph. Tore both launch lugs off.

The completed Nike Smoke, after painting.
First flight of the Nike Smoke on an I284-W at Medicine Wheel 4. 5/29/99.
The Nike Smoke on an K700-W at Medicine Wheel 4. 5/30/99.
The Nike Smoke on an J350-W. 7/10/99.
The Nike Smoke on another J350-W. 7/10/99.
The Nike Smoke on a J570-W. 8/14/99.
The Nike Smoke on a K700-W at HellFire 5. 9/25/99.
The Nike Smoke on a J415-W. 4/15/00.
The Nike Smoke on a J570-W at HellFire 6. 9/15/00.
The Nike Smoke on a K550-W at HellFire 6. 9/17/00.
The Nike Smoke on a K550-W. 10/14/00.
The Nike Smoke on a K550-W. 6/16/01.
The Nike Smoke on a K659-R at HellFire 7. 9/14/01.

Altimeter data

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