Estes Silver Comet

This looks like a fun rocket. This is Grant's birthday present from his Grandpa. I built this one stock except the parachute and shock cord. It has TTW fin mounting. After the crash on 3/15/98, I replaced the body tube in front of the motor mount. The repaired Silver Comet was then 3.5" longer than the original. After the 5/25/98 crash, I did major repairs on the Silver Comet. I fiberglassed the body tube and balsa fins with 2 oz. fiberglass cloth, and put in a 29mm motor mount with two plywood centering rings. I used an Aero Pack motor retainer. The Silver Comet is still 3.5" longer than stock, and about twice as heavy. The repairs were completed 7/20/98.

Dia: 2.6"; Length: 31" (was 27.5"); Wt: 10.4 oz (was 5.5 oz); Motor (1): 29mm (was 24mm)
Recommended motor: G75-10J, H97-10J
Status: Lost.

Flt Date Motor Comments
1) 3/15/98 D12-5 Nice flight. Parachute didn't come out of body tube. No damage.
2) 3/15/98 D12-5 Nice flight. Parachute again stuck in body tube. Streamlined in and hit in the street, major body damage.
3) 5/25/98 D12-5 Nice flight.
4) 5/25/98 D12-5 Nice flight. Parachute again stuck in body tube. Streamlined in and hit on the hard dirt, major body damage.
Major reconstruction, repairs completed 7/20/98.
5) 7/25/98 F37-6W Nice flight. Delay a little long.
6) 7/25/98 G75-6J Excellent flight. Cracked part of a fin fillet.
7) 8/06/98 G75-6J Good flight. Delay a little short. Small crack in one fin fillet.
8) 8/07/98 H97-10J Excellent flight, perfect delay.
9) 8/22/98 G75-6J Excellent flight, delay a little short.
10) 8/22/98 G75-10J Excellent flight, perfect delay.
11) 9/19/98 G75-10J Another nice flight.
12) 10/24/98 G75-10J Yet another nice flight.
13) 11/28/98 H97-10J Another nice flight, but lost sight of it on the way down. Lost.

Grant with his Silver Comet.
The Silver Comet on a D12-5. 3/15/98.
The rebuiltSilver Comet on a F37-6W. 7/25/98.
The Silver Comet on a H97-10J at LDRS 17. 8/7/98.

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