Shadow Composites Shock Value

This is the 54mm Shock Value from Shadow Composites. It has carbon fiber fins and body tube. It comes with a ROCKETMAN R3C parachute. For electronics I am using a blacksky AltAcc. The kit comes with 1/8" Kevlar® recovery cord that proved to be inadequate for the job (see below).

Dia: 54mm; Length: 69.5"; Wt.: 2.5 lbs. (without motor); Motor (1): 54mm
Status: Damaged.

1)8/16/02K250-WNice flight. Both apogee and main Kevlar® cords separated. One fin broke off and nose cone was lost. AltAcc reported 18,187 feet (22,676 feet inertial), 16.4 Gs, 1,199mph.
2)6/28/03J275-WNice flight. The main chute had ejection charge heat exposure and sort of melted, didn't unroll. No damage done. The AltAcc 2C did fire charges but did not record any data.
2)9/05/03J275-WNice flight. The main chute stripped off due to heat damage from previous launch. The motor casing was shoved into the body tube, the nose cone was cracked, and the AlcAcc 2A altimeter was destroyed.

The Shock Value before launch.
The Shock Value on a K250-W at HellFire 8. 8/16/02.
The Shock Value again on a K250-W at HellFire 8. 8/16/02.

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