Estes Shadow

This is my first "big" rocket, that is, my first 2.6" diameter rocket. I really like this rocket. Estes first sold the Optima, then the Shadow, though both are identical except for the decals and paint scheme. I used one 14.2" and the 11" tube to make the body and made one 14.2" tube to make a payload section. I made the fins from basswood. Because it's so big, it flies nice and slow. I launched my first Aerotech E and F 24mm motors with this rocket. I liked this one so much I scratch built another one, with a 29mm motor mount.

Dia: 2.6"; Length: 47.5"; Wt.: 8.5 oz.; Motor (1): 24mm
Recommended motor: D12-3, E15-4, E15-6
Status: Lost

Flt Date Motor Comments
1) 5/17/97 D12-3  
2) 5/17/97 D12-3  
3) 5/22/97 D12-3 Landed on my neighbor's roof.
4) 5/25/97 D12-3  
5) 5/29/97 E18-7W WOW! Incredible noise, awesome flight. My first Aerotech E motor flight.
6) 6/02/97 E15-4W Nice flight. Broke the balsa bulkhead in payload section, partially melted chute.
7) 6/07/97 F12-5J My first F motor flight. Nice flight, but flew over the hill. Lost :( How can you lose a 4 foot rocket?

The Shadow.
The Shadow lifts off on an E18-7W. 5/29/97.

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