The Shadow #2

This is my first completely scratch-built rocket, and is a remake of my previous favorite rocket "The Shadow" by Estes. I used two 14.2" BT-80 tubes to make the body and one 14.2" tube to make a payload section, so it is 3.2" taller than the original. I made the fins from 3/32" plywood, and the small leading fins from basswood. I did through-the-wall mounting of the main fins to the motor mount. I also used 3/32" plywood for centering rings, and it is built with a 29mm motor mount. I also put in a balsa baffle system, so no more wadding. I used 3 pan-head sheet metal screws to keep the nose cone on the payload section. This was my favorite last year, and it has carried the IA-X96 altimeter on many flights. It survived 10 'G', 4 'F', and 4 'E' motor flights in its first month.

Dia: 2.6"; Length: 50.5"; Wt. 15.1 oz.; Motor (1): 29mm
Status: Active

1)7/28/97E23-5TExcellect flight and perfect delay.
2)7/28/97E23-5TIA-X96 payload. Only 242 ft. with the added weight.
3)7/28/97F40-4WIA-X96 payload, reported 899 ft.
4)7/31/97F40-7WDelay seems too long, but a nice flight.
5)7/31/97G64-4WIA-X96 payload, reported 1791 ft., 9.5 Gs, 264 max mph.
6)8/02/97E23-5TNice flight.
7)8/02/97E16-4WAnother nice flight and perfect delay.
8)8/04/97G64-7WAnother nice flight, delay ejected about one second past apogee.
9)8/04/97G64-7WIA-X96 payload, reported 1560 ft., 8.7 Gs, 255 max mph. Tiny zipper.
10)8/04/97G64-7WIA-X96 payload, garbage data.
11)8/04/97G80-4TIA-X96 payload, reported 1535 ft., 8.3 Gs, 248 max mph.
12)8/07/97G64-7WIA-X96 payload, reported 1747 ft., 10.3 Gs, 264 max mph.
13)8/07/97G64-7WIA-X96 payload, reported 1689 ft., 10.2 Gs, 264 max mph.
14)8/11/97G64-7WIA-X96 payload, reported garbage data. Small hole in payload section.
15)8/22/97F39-6TIA-X96 payload, reported 542 ft., 5.6 Gs, 119 max mph. Payload flight for NARTREK Silver level.
16)8/27/97F52-5TIA-X96 payload, reported 1028 ft., 8.1 Gs, 187 max mph. Developing some mild body tube creases.
17)8/30/97G75-6JExcellent flight. IA-X96 payload, reported 2077 ft., 8.9 Gs, 308 max mph. Landed 10 yards from pad.
18)8/31/97G75-6JAnother excellent flight. IA-X96 payload, reported 2081 ft., 7.1 Gs, 297 max mph.
19)1/31/98F37-6WNice flight and perfect delay.
20)4/02/98G80-7TIA-X96 payload, reported 1761 ft., 10.4 Gs, 259 max mph.
21)4/16/98G54-10WNice flight, delay a little long.
22)4/23/98H128-10WExcellent flight, delay a little long. IA-X96 payload, reported 2536 ft., 19.9 Gs, 405 max mph. Tore the bottom launch lug off.
23)5/25/98G75-10JNice flight, delay a little long.
24)3/25/99G33-5JNice flight and good delay.
25)7/10/99G33-5JNice flight.
26)8/14/99G33-5JNice flight. Chute tangled, no damage.
27)10/14/00G38-7FJNice flight. Delay too short.
28)10/14/00G33-7JNice flight.
29)10/26/00G33-7JNice flight.
30)7/21/01G33-7JNice flight.
31)7/20/02G33-7JNice flight. Delay too long.
32)7/20/02G33-5JNice flight.
33)4/12/03G40-7WNice flight.

A rear view of my Shadow #2 with through the wall fin mounting.
Shadow #2 before its first flight. 7/28/97.
Shadow #2 taking off on a G80-4T. 8/04/97.
Shadow #2 heading back to Earth. 8/07/97.
Shadow #2 taking off on a G54-10W. 4/16/98.
Shadow #2 taking off on a G75-10J. 5/25/98.
The Shadow #2 on a G33-5J. 7/10/99.
The Shadow #2 on a G33-7J. 10/26/00.

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