Estes Reliant

This is a cheap, minimum-diameter BT-20 rocket from Estes that I got for my streamer duration flight. I just couldn't get a 30 second flight from my BT-50 rockets (Alpha III, Yellow Jacket) on a B6 motor, so I built this one. After some internal debate I decided to go ahead and paint it, and I even put on the decals. Used a somewhat longer shock cord and a thrust ring instead of the external motor clip.

Status: Lost.

Flt Date Motor Comments
1) 7/12/97 B6-6 Streamer duration flight for NARTREK Bronze level. Lasted 36 seconds.
2) 7/13/97 B6-6 Minor fin damage landing in driveway.
3) 7/17/97 C6-5  
4) 8/02/97 B6-6 Straight up launch, out of sight. Lost.

Reliant before its first flight.

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