Estes Python

This was my first D motor rocket. I really dislike the two-piece plastic fins.

Dia: 1.84"; Length: 33.3"; Wt.: 5.6 oz.; Motor (1): 18mm
Recommended motor: D12-5, D12-7
Status: Damaged

Flt Date Motor Comments
1) 4/26/97 D12-5 My first D motor flight.
2) 4/26/97 D12-5  
3) 4/27/97 D12-5 Shock cord broke. No damage.
4) 5/29/97 D12-5  
5) 6/05/97 D12-5 Landed in tree.
6) 7/13/97 D12-5 Landed on neighbor's roof.
7) 8/07/97 D12-5  
8) 3/15/98 D12-5 Parachute opened late.
9) 4/09/98 E15-7W Nice flight, but parachute melted to shroud lines. Broke two fins on landing. Repaired.
10) 4/16/98 D12-5 Nice flight, but parachute stuck in the body. Broke two fins on landing, one in half. I'm not going to repair this.

Python on the launch pad.
Python taking off on a D12-5. 4/26/97.
Python on a E15-7W. 4/09/98.

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