T.H.O.Y. Phoenix

This is my second Rocket R & D (T.H.O.Y.) rocket. It comes in a bag with 1 page (front and back) of fair instructions. It has a standard body tube (you must cut the marked fin slots) and 1/8" plywood fins with through-the-wall (and to the motor mount) fin mounting. It uses two 3/16" plywood centering rings. It comes with a 38mm motor mount. There were no factory problems with the kit. I'm using a ROCKETMAN R4C parachute. I am also using HeatShield parachute and shock cord protectors from Pratt Hobbies, and I am using 1" tubular nylon in place of the elastic shock cord. It comes with 3 ounces of clay to put in the ACE nose cone. I'm not sure how the nose cone is supposed to attach to the shock cord.

Dia: 4.0"; Length: 49.6"; Wt.: 47.8 oz. (1360 gm); Motor (1): 38mm
Status: Damaged.

Flt Date Motor Comments
1) 7/25/98 I161-10W Nice flight, delay a little long. Broke one fin off, cracked another joint on landing. Repaired.
2) 9/19/98 I211-10W Flew with some corkscrew. Good delay. Broke another rear fin off on landing.

The Phoenix before its first launch. 7/25/98.

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