Aerotech Mustang

This is the fifth Aerotech rocket I built. It is essentially a four-finned version of the Cheetah. Like all Aerotech kits it comes in a box, and has molded plastic fins with through-the-wall (and to the motor mount) fin mounting. There were no factory problems with the kit. I used CA throughout as per the instructions. I finally repaired this one over a month after it crashed, finished on 9/19/97.

Dia: 1.9"; Length: 32"; Wt.: 11 oz.; Motor (1): 29mm (or 24mm with included adaptor)
Status: Active.

1)8/04/97E16-7WTook off the rod at about 45 degrees, pranged as a result. The body tube in front of the baffle was destroyed, but the nose cone survived.
2)9/29/97F39-6TPerfect flight.
3)1/31/98E16-4WNice flight.
4)4/02/98E28-7TNice flight.
5)4/09/98E18-7WNice flight, delay a little long.
6)4/16/98E18-7WNice flight, drilled the delay a little.
7)4/23/98E30-7TNice flight.
8)5/13/98E23-8TNice flight, drilled the delay a little.
9)5/25/98F62-6TPerfect flight.
10)10/24/98F37-6WPerfect flight.
11)4/11/99E28-7TNice flight.
12)4/11/99E28-7TAnother nice flight.
13)7/15/00G33-7JNice flight.
14)7/21/01G40-10WNice flight.
15)9/8/01G40-7WNice flight.
16)9/14/01G38-7FJNice flight.
17)9/15/01G33-7JNice flight.
18)9/15/01G54-6WEarly ejection, broke shock cord. Broke one fin, easily repaired.
19)5/17/03F24-7WNice flight.
20)10/11/03F21-6WNice flight.
21)10/18/03F21-6WNice flight.

The Mustang before its first launch.
The Mustang taking off on an E16-7W. 8/04/97.
The Mustang taking a core sample. 8/04/97.
The Mustang on an E18-7W. 4/16/98.

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