Aerotech Mirage

This is my forth Aerotech rocket I built. It is very tall, and my first rocket exceeding the one pound limit. Like all Aerotech kits it comes in a box, and has molded plastic fins with through-the-wall (and to the motor mount) fin mounting. It has two parachutes (separates into two sections) and no payload compartment. It came with only two centering rings (should be three), so I called Aerotech and the replacement came about two weeks later. I did the first launch without the aft centering installed (tired of waiting). The main drawback to this kit is its size, as it is difficult to keep on the launch pad in any kind of wind (tends to bend the rod).

Dia: 2.6"; Length: 87"; Wt.: 31 oz.; Motor (1): 29mm
Status: Lost aft section

Flt Date Motor Comments
1) 7/12/97 F40-4W Perfect flight and recovery.
2) 7/28/97 G64-4W Nice flight.
3) 7/28/97 G80-4T  
4) 8/04/97 G80-4T  
5) 8/30/97 F52-5T Nice flight.
6) 11/23/97 G80-4T Nice flight, but the bottom half drifted a long way, lost in the increasing darkness. Top half recovered. I was going to look for it again, but it snowed.

The Mirage (yeah, that's me next to it).

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