LOC Minie-Magg

This is the 5.54" Minie-Magg from LOC. It has a 38mm motor mount, that I "upgraded" to a 54mm tube. I put a layer of 5.6 oz. carbon on the fins and a layer of 3.8 oz. S-glass on the body tube. The fins go through the wall but not to the motor mount. I'm using a ROCKETMAN R7C parachute.

Dia: 5.54"; Length: 37"; Wt.: 4 lbs., 10 oz.; Motor (1): 54mm
RockSim CP: 28" from tip
Status: Active.

1)7/02/04I287-10SSNice flight.
2)7/17/04I161-10WNice flight.
3)7/24/04I211-10WNice flight.
4)8/21/04I211-10WNice flight.
5)9/18/04J315-14RExcellent flight.
6)9/18/04J350-10WNice flight.

The Mini-Magg on a I161-10W. 7/17/04.
The Mini-Magg on a I211-10W. 7/24/04.
The Mini-Magg on a I211-10W. 8/21/04.

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