This is an Estes Maniac made with a 29mm motor mount. I used 6 inches of Vaughn Bros. 29mm tubing, wrapped with some masking tape, and epoxied in place for the motor mount. No thrust ring used. I built a baffle into the tube coupler, I had no idea if it would work or not, but it has worked out nicely. I'm using a 3" by 36" streamer for recovery.

Dia: 1.35"; Length: 30.8"; Wt.: 5oz.; Motor (1): 29mm
Status: Lost

Flt Date Motor Comments
1) 6/10/97 F12-5J Used a 24mm reload with adaptor. Beautiful flight, flew out of sight, but recovered. The baffle worked fine, but kicked out the motor casing :(
2) 8/04/97 F12-5J Nice flight, flew out of sight, but recovered.
3) 8/07/97 E11-5J Flew north out of sight, but finally recovered.
4) 4/23/98 G40-10W Flew out of sight, lost. What was I thinking?

Maniacal before its first flight.

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