Estes Maniac

This is a good first D motor rocket. Very simple to build. I used an old Maniac to supply part of the body tube for the Rastrocam, and converted the bottom to a booster stage for a two-stage Maniac. I used a coupler to hold the stages together, and put two 1/4" holes in it as recommended in Stine's book. I'm also using the Maniac to boost the Rastrocam for higher altitude pictures.

Dia: 1.35"; Length: 30.8"; Wt.: 4.8oz.; Motor (1): 24mm
Recommended motor: D12-5, D12-7
Status: Destroyed by toddler

1)4/26/97D12-5Forgot to put the engine spacer in.
3)4/26/97D12-7Delay seemed too long, the D12-5 worked better.
4)5/25/97D12-7Good flight, the delay was fine this time.
5)5/29/97D12-0/D12-7With booster. Severe weathercock, second stage lit at 45 degree angle. Small zipper on body tube.
6)6/05/97D12-0/D12-7Tried it again with booster. Flew much better (no wind), landed about 200 yards away.
8)6/15/97D12-5Small crease on body tube.
12)8/11/97D12-3With Rastrocam, picture #3, roll #3.
13)8/11/97D12-3With Rastrocam, picture #5, roll #3.
14)8/11/97D12-3With Rastrocam, picture #7, roll #3.
15)3/15/98D12-5Crease on body tube getting worse.
16)3/15/98D12-7Crease on body tube getting worse.
17)1/30/99D12-5I finally fixed the body crease. Nice flight.
18)2/27/99D12-5Nice flight.
19)7/10/99D12-5Nice flight.
20)8/14/99D12-5Nice flight.
21)7/15/00D12-5Nice flight.
   Rocket destroyed by my three-year old.

Maniac on the launch pad. 4/26/97.
Maniac returning to Earth. 4/26/97.
Maniac with booster.
Maniac lifts off on a D12-5. 6/08/97.

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