Estes Long Shot

This is a two stage rocket I built for the NARTREK program Bronze level two stage flight. I was going to use my Mongoose but I lost it. This has a 18mm upper stage motor and a 24mm lower stage motor. The first flight worked fine. After the damage from the upper stage not igniting on the second flight, I drilled two 1/8" holes in the booster stage to prevent premature separation of the stages. It didn't work.

Dia: 1.35"; Length: 46"; Wt.: 5.7 oz.; Motor (1): 18mm upper, 24mm booster
Recommended motor: C5-3, C6-3 (single); D12-0/B6-6 or C6-7
Status: Destroyed.

Flt Date Motor Comments
1) 6/15/97 D12-0/B6-6 Flew perfectly. Two stage flight for NARTREK Bronze level.
2) 7/13/97 D12-0/B6-6 Upper stage failed to ignite though stages separated. Broke fin on landing. Repaired.
3) 8/07/97 D12-0/C6-7 Upper stage failed to ignite though stages separated. Came screaming into the ground, totally destroyed.

The Long Shot lifting off on a D12-0 booster. 8/07/97.
A picture of the wreckage. 8/07/97.

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