This is my fifth Public Missles Ltd. rocket. It has the new Quantum body tube and "G-10" fiberglass fins. The kit was built almost stock, except I used 1/8" Kevlar® bridle in place of the nylon strap and I threw out the elastic shock cord and piston.

Dia: 2.1"; Length: 33"; Wt.: 23 oz.; Motor (1): 29mm
Recommended motors: G40-10W, G64-10W, H180-14W
Status: Active

1)4/24/04G40-7WNice flight. Delay a little long.
2)5/15/04G40-4WNice flight.
3)5/15/04G64-4WNice flight.
4)6/19/04G40-4WChute stuck in body tube, no damage.
5)7/24/04H165-10RNice flight.

The Io on a G40-7W. 4/24/04.
The Io on a G40-7W. 5/15/04.

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