LOC Hi-Tech H45

This is the third LOC rocket I built. It is a smaller version of the EZI-65, and similar to my Shadow (though MUCH tougher). It comes in a nice kit (in a bag), and instructions are simple (one page) but clear. It has plywood fins with through-the-wall (and to the motor mount) fin mounting. It does have a payload section. One of the pre-cut fin slots in the body tube was off, and I had to widen it on one side to get the fins to align. I'm using a ROCKETMAN R3C parachute, and HeatShield parachute and shock cord protectors from Pratt Hobbies. I also bought a 38-29mm motor adaptor to use with it. I also got the nice vinyl lettering from Scott Binder.

Dia: 2.63"; Length: 49.75"; Wt: 22.4 oz (635 gm); Motor (1): 38mm
Recommended motor: F50-6, G40-7, H45-10
Status: Active

1)11/22/97G80-4TExcellent flight. IA-X96 payload, reported 1475 ft., 7.0 Gs, 221 max mph.
2)1/04/98G75-6JExcellent flight. IA-X96 payload, reported 1794 ft., 6.5 Gs, 244 max mph.
3)3/26/98H123-10WPerfect flight. IA-X96 payload, reported 3432 ft., 15.2 Gs, 424 max mph!
4)4/02/98H180-10WPerfect flight, out of sight. IA-X96 payload, reported 3337 ft., 22.2 Gs, 448 max mph!
5)4/16/98G64-4WNice flight. IA-X96 payload, reported 1421 ft., 7.2 Gs, 208 max mph.
6)4/22/98H238-10TExcellent flight, jumped off the pad. IA-X96 payload, reported 2033 ft., 22.9 Gs, 332 max mph.
7)5/07/98H238-10TLeaped off the pad, a little off verticle due to the wind. IA-X96 payload, reported 2345 ft., 26.1 Gs, 386 max mph.
8)5/25/98H123-10WExcellent flight. IA-X96 payload, reported 3530 ft., 14.8 Gs, 432 max mph.
9)6/04/98H128-10WNice flight, delay a little long. Got a 1/2" zipper, so I shortened the rocket one-half inch.
10)7/11/98H123-10WExcellent flight. IA-X96 payload, reported 3403 ft., 14.1 Gs, 421 max mph.
11)7/25/98I161-10WExcellent flight. IA-X96 payload, reported 4971 ft., 20.5 Gs, 583 max mph.
12)8/06/98H123-10WExcellent flight. IA-X96 payload, reported 3841 ft., 17.0 Gs, 439 max mph.
13)8/22/98H123-WExcellent flight. First flight with AltAcc, used for apogee deployment. Worked perfectly, reported 3162 ft., 15.0 Gs, 372 max mph.
14)9/19/98H242-TNice flight, used AltAcc for apogee deployment. Reported 3376 ft., 22.1 Gs, 422 max mph.
15)10/24/98G54-WUsed AltAcc for apogee deployment. Reported 823 ft., 7.2 Gs, 142 max mph.
16)11/28/98H123-WUsed AltAcc for apogee deployment. Reported 3219 feet.
17)1/30/99H242-TNice flight, used AltAcc for apogee deployment. Reported 3403 feet, 21.9 Gs, 436 max mph.
18)3/25/99H123-WNice flight, used AltAcc for apogee deployment. Reported 3433 feet, 14.1 Gs, 387 max mph.
19)4/11/99H123-WNice flight, used AltAcc for apogee deployment. Reported 3388 feet, 14.6 Gs, 385 max mph.
20)1/22/00H45-10WNice flight, long burn. Used AltAcc for altitude recording, but I was unable to retrieve the data. Sims put it at about 4000 feet.
21)6/10/00H123-WNice flight, used AltAcc for apogee deployment. Reported 3033 feet, 14.9 Gs, 388 max mph.
22)9/15/00H45-10WNice flight, long burn. About 4000 feet.
23)9/17/00H45-10WAnother nice flight, love that long burn! About 4000 feet.
24)10/14/00H112-10JNice flight.
25)10/26/00H123-10WNice flight. Chute tangled and did not inflate. Some crimp on rear of body tube on landing.
26)6/16/01H123-10WNice flight.
27)8/18/01H123-10WNice flight.
28)9/8/01H123-10WNice flight.
29)10/19/02H123-10WNice flight.
30)10/19/02I218-10RAwesome flight!
31)7/12/03H153-10ANice flight on Pro38 motor.
32)8/16/03H73-10JNice flight.

A picture of the LOC Hi-Tech H45 kit.
The LOC Hi-Tech H45 before a flight. 4/02/98.
The LOC Hi-Tech H45 on a G64-4W. 4/16/98.
The LOC Hi-Tech H45 on a H123-10W. 5/25/98.
The LOC Hi-Tech H45 on a H123-W. 6/10/00.
The LOC Hi-Tech H45 on a H45-10W. 9/17/00.
The LOC Hi-Tech H45 on a H123-10W. 9/08/01.

Altimeter data

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