This is the second LOC rocket I built. This is my first 4" rocket. It comes in a nice kit (in a bag), and instructions are simple (one page) but clear. It has plywood fins with through-the-wall (and to the motor mount) fin mounting. It does have a payload section. There were no factory problems with the kit. I'm using a ROCKETMAN R4C parachute. I am also using HeatShield parachute and shock cord protectors from Pratt Hobbies, so no wadding is needed (how much wadding would you need for a 4" body tube?). My ultimate plan is to use this as my Level 1 certification rocket (did this on 3/21/98) on a H123-W or I161-W. After the shock cord mount broke, I am using 10' of tubular Kevlar® as a shock cord, from Pratt Hobbies. I also got the nice vinyl lettering from Scott Binder. I plan to use this for my Level 2 certification rocket on a J90-W or J180-T (did this on 5/16/98).

Dia: 4.00"; Length: 56.5"; Wt.: 35 oz.; Motor (1): 54mm
Recommended motor: G80-4T, I65-7W, J90-10W
Status: Destroyed.

1)8/31/97G75-6JWay off vertical, underpowered. IA-X96 reported 692 ft., 4.1 Gs, 133 max mph.
2)11/23/97G80-4TNice flight and recovery.
3)1/04/98G80-4TNice flight.
4)3/21/98H123-6WExcellent flight and recovery. My Level 1 certification flight, and my first H motor flight.
5)3/26/98H123-6WNice flight, but separated at ejection. No damage. Inspection showed the shock cord mounting loop broke (Kevlar®).
6)4/09/98H123-6WNice flight. New tubular Kevlar® "shock" cord worked great.
7)4/22/98H123-6WNice flight.
8)5/16/98J180-10TPerfect flight and recovery. My Level 2 certification flight, and my first J motor flight. IA-X96 reported 6520 ft., 14.9 Gs, 566 max mph.
9)6/04/98H123-6WNice flight.
10)6/04/98J90-10WExcellent flight and recovery. IA-X96 reported 5470 ft., 8.8 Gs, 407 max mph.
11)7/25/98J180-10TExcellent flight and recovery.
12)8/06/98J180-10TExcellent flight and recovery. IA-X96 reported 6041 ft., 14.9 Gs, 560 max mph.
13)8/07/98K185-10WMy first attempt with a K motor. Rocket shredded when two fins broke off, completely destroyed.

The EZI-65.
The EZI-65 taking off on a G75-6J. 8/31/97.
Prepping the EZI-65 for my Level 1 certification flight. 3/21/98.
The Kaplow clips I made for the EZI-65.
The EZI-65 on a H123-6W. 4/09/98.
The EZI-65 taking off on a H123-6W. 4/22/98.
The EZI-65 on my Level 2 certification flight with a J180. 5/16/98.
The EZI-65 on a K185 at LDRS 17. Moments later it shredded. 8/07/98.

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