PML Small Endeavour

This is my forth Public Missles Ltd. rocket. It has the new Quantum body tube and "G-10" fiberglass fins. The kit was built almost stock, except I used 9/16" Kevlar® ribbon in place of the nylon strap under the piston and I threw out the elastic shock cord. I also put a metal eyebolt into the nosecone. After the broken fin, I changed to a Rocketman RC4 parachute.

Dia: 2.6"; Length: 47.25"; Wt.: 35 oz.; Motor (1): 38mm; CP: 38" from tip
Recommended motors: H123-10W, H97-10J, I211-14W, I284-14W
Status: Active

1)11/17/01H242-6TNice flight. Delay too short, long 10 inch zipper. Repaired.
2)4/12/03I357-10TNice flight.
3)4/12/03I211-14WNice flight.
4)5/17/03I284-14WNice flight.
5)5/17/03I284-14WNice flight.
6)6/14/03H242-6TNice flight.
7)6/14/03H73-6JNice flight.
8)6/14/03H242-6TNice flight.
9)6/14/03H73-10JNice flight.
10)6/14/03H123-10WNice flight.
11)6/27/03I287-12SSNice flight.
12)6/28/03I350-13SSNice flight.
13)6/29/03I287-12SSNice flight.
14)7/12/03I205-11ANice flight.
15)7/12/03I285-12ANice flight.
16)8/02/03H153-10ANice flight.
17)8/02/03I205-11ANice flight.
18)9/05/03I366-10REarly deployment. Zippered to first centering ring. Repaired on site.
19)9/05/03I287-12SSNice flight.
20)9/07/03I287-12SSChute stuck in body tube. Broke one fin off.
Repaired, repainted, completed 3/31/04.
21)5/15/04H180-10WNice flight.
22)6/19/04I218-10RNice flight, delay was short.
23)6/19/04H123-10WChute lines stuck together, did not deploy. No damage.
24)6/19/04H180-10WNice flight.
25)7/02/04H143-10SSNice flight.
26)7/17/04H143-10SSChute stuck in body tube, but no damage.
27)8/21/04G40-4WNice flight.
28)9/18/04H180-10WNice flight.

The Small Endeavour with a zipper. 11/17/01.
The Small Endeavour on a H242-T. 6/14/03.
The Small Endeavour on a H73-J. 6/14/03.
The Small Endeavour on a H180-10W. 5/15/04.
The Small Endeavour on a H123-10W. 6/19/04.
The Small Endeavour on a G60-4W. 8/21/04.

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