Edmonds Deltie Boost Glider

My second attempt at a boost glider. I ordered the Deltie Boost Glider from Apogee Components for my NARTREK Silver level. This is a competition quality kit, and has the best cut balsa sheets I have seen in a kit. It has nice instructions and is quite easy to build.

Pod Dia: 0.544"; Length: 16.5"; Glider Wt.: 5 gm.; Glider Wingspan: 8.87"; Motor (1): 13mm
Status: Active

1)11/02/97A2-5Nice flight. Pranged as ejection occured 12 seconds after motor burnout. No damage.
2)11/02/97A2-3Nice flight. Pranged as ejection occured 11 seconds after motor burnout. No damage.
3)11/02/97B2-5Nice flight. Ejection occured 11 seconds after motor burnout, glider tangled in pod. Floated down together, 23 second duration.
4)11/27/97A3-4TNice flight. Glider had nice slow spiral until a breeze came up, and it floated away over the hill. Glide Recovery duration flight for NARTREK Silver level. Lost sight of the glider at 43 seconds, but recovered later.
5)11/28/981/2A3-2TNice flight.
6)11/28/981/2A3-2TNice flight.
7)3/25/99A3-4TNice flight and an excellent glide. I should have timed it!
8)10/9/991/2A3-2TNice flight.
9)10/26/00A3-4TNice flight.
10)3/17/01A3-4TNice flight. Lost nose cone. Broke glider, but repaired.
11)4/20/021/2A3-2TShort delay. Glider tangled with streamer.

The Deltie Boost Glider on the pad.

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