Estes Big Daddy

I built this one as I enjoy sticking big motors into Estes rockets. I laminated the body tube and balsa fins with one layer of 5.6 oz. carbon fiber, and put in a 29mm motor mount with two plywood centering rings. I used an Aero Pack motor retainer for motor retention. The motor tube goes into the nose cone so I can use a H180 motor.

Dia: 3.0"; Length: 19"; Wt: 12.9 oz (stock 5.3 oz); Motor (1): 29mm (stock 24mm)
Status: Lost.

1)3/17/01G64-7WDelay very short, no damage.
2)3/17/01H97-10JGood flight.
3)4/22/01F52-5TGood flight.
4)5/19/01G64-7WNice flight.
5)5/19/01H97-10JGood flight.
6)6/16/01H97-10JGood flight.
7)6/16/01G64-7WGood flight.
8)6/22/01G125-10TGood flight.
9)6/23/01H70-10WRocket body went through the spill hole on the parachute. Came down fast but no damage.
10)7/21/01G33-7JNice flight.
11)7/21/01H180-10WNice flight.
12)8/18/01G33-5JNice flight.
13)9/8/01F25-6WHorizontal "cruise missile" flight right after leaving rod.
14)9/8/01G64-7WNice flight.
15)9/8/01G38-7FJNice flight.
16)9/14/01G64-10WDelay too long, broke Kevlar shock cord.
17)9/14/01G40-7WNice flight.
18)9/15/01G75-10JNice flight, delay too long.
19)9/15/01G64-7WNice flight.
20)9/16/01G33-5JNice flight.
21)10/20/01G40-7WNice flight.
22)10/20/01H180-10WNice flight, but not able to find it after landing. Lost.


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