Crayon Rocket

This is a scratch-built rocket using a Crayon® bank. I put in a 54mm motor mount with two plywood centering rings. I used an Aero Pack motor retainer for motor retention, and a ROCKETMAN R4C parachute.

Dia: 4.0"; Length: 35"; Wt: aprox. 2 lbs., 12 oz; Motor (1): 54mm
Recommended motor: ?
Status: Active.

1)3/27/04I218-10RNice flight. AltAcc 2C reported 2,028 feet, 16.1 Gs, and 312 max mph.
2)4/24/04J275-10WNice flight.
3)5/15/04I218-10RNice flight. AltAcc 2C reported 2,224 feet, 16.0 Gs, and 309 max mph.

The Crayon rocket on a J275-10W. 4/24/04.

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