Aerotech Cheetah

This is my third Aerotech rocket I built. It is very light, so I can fly it on most any motor through G without exceeding the one pound limit. It is basically an Arreaux without a payload section. Like all Aerotech kits it comes in a box, and has molded plastic fins with through-the-wall (and to the motor mount) fin mounting. The kit came with a creased body tube, so I called Aerotech and got a replacement in a few days. Nice service. I had to replace the front 7.5" of the body tube after the zipper, finished repair 7/30/97.

Dia: 1.9"; Length: 32"; Wt.: 10 oz.; Motor (1): 29mm (or 24mm with included adaptor)
Status: Active

1)7/17/97E18-7WPerfect flight and recovery.
2)7/17/97F37-10WPremature ejection just after motor burnout, sustained a 6" zipper. Ejected RMS 29/60 casing, not recovered :(
3)7/31/97F22-7JNice flight, too long of a delay. Ejected RMS 29/40-120 casing, not recovered :(
4)8/04/97F40-10WNice flight, drilled the delay some. Flew out-of-sight, recovered.
5)8/04/97F39-6TNice flight and delay.
6)8/04/97E18-7WNice flight, delay a bit long.
7)8/07/97E16-7WNice flight, drilled the delay a bit.
8)9/29/97E18-4WNice flight.
9)4/02/98E28-5TNice flight.
10)4/16/98E18-7WNice flight.
11)4/22/98E15-7WNice flight, used motor from Viper prang that didn't light.
12)4/23/98E15-7WNice flight.
14)6/04/98F37-6WNice flight.
15)10/9/99G64-10WVery nice flight.
16)8/18/01G33-7JNice flight.
17)7/20/02G38-7FJNice flight.
18)7/20/02G38-7FJNice flight.
19)6/14/03F40-7WNice flight.

Six inch zipper on the Cheetah. 7/17/97.
The Cheetah lifting off on an E11-3J. 5/25/98.

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