PML Bull Puppy

This is my second Public Missles Ltd. rocket, but the first one flown. It has a phenolic body tube and "G-10" fiberglass fins with through-the-wall (and to the motor mount) fin mounting. There were no factory problems with the kit. I'm using a ROCKETMAN R4C parachute. I am also using a HeatShield shock cord protector from Pratt Hobbies, and I replaced the elastic shock cord with 9/16" tubular nylon. This is an easy PML kit to build, and much less complicated than my Sudden Rush. I did fill the body tube spirals (with Elmer's Fill 'N' Finish) since the phenolic tubes have such deep grooves. After blowing the end off, I decided to get rid of the piston system. Repairs completed 5/24/98, it is now 6.6" longer and 3.5 oz. heavier. One problem with this kit is the launch lug is too small, it really needs a 3/8" lug given its weight.

Dia: 3.0"; Length: 45.6"; Wt.: 37.5 oz.; Motor (1): 38mm
Recommended motor: G75-6J, H123-10W, H242-10T, I211-14W,
Status: Active

Flt Date Motor Comments
1) 3/26/98 G80-4T Nice flight, no problems.
2) 4/23/98 H123-6W Nice flight.
3) 5/07/98 H123-6W Nice flight, but blew the end of the body tube off, including all four forward fins, at ejection. I guess I used a little bit too much powder.
4) 5/25/98 H123-10W Drilled the delay a little. Weathercocked.
5) 6/04/98 I161-10W Took off at an angle, I think from too wimpy of a launch rod.
6) 4/11/99 I161-10W Took off at an angle, but a nice flight.

The Bull Puppy on its first flight with a G80-4T. 3/26/98.
The Bull Puppy on a H123-6W. 4/23/98.
The Bull Puppy on a I161-10W. 6/04/98.

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