Estes Broadsword

This is a discontinued kit from Estes, basically an upscaled Big Bertha with 2.6" diameter body tube. I got mine from Paul Magid. I built this one stock (used epoxy). I launched the first and final flights within 15 minutes. The second flight resulted in a severe prang on asphalt, as my Aerotech E11-5J was more like an E11-10J, and ejected after impact. Everything in front of the stuffer tube was completely smashed. Fortunately I hadn't put on the decals yet. I'm thinking about making a beefed-up version from parts.

Dia: 2.6"; Length: 36.5"; Wt.: 6.0 oz.; Motor (1): 24mm
Recommended motor: D12-3, E15-4, E15-6
Status: Destroyed

Flt Date Motor Comments
1) 6/01/97 E11-5J Wonderful flight, lots of smoke. Small zipper on body tube.
2) 6/01/97 E11-5J Lawn dart. Ejection occurred after impact.

Broadsword on the launch pad.
Broadswords first flight, on an E11-5J. 6/01/97.
Picture of the wreckage. 6/01/97.

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