Estes Black Brant II

I like this rocket. It flies really high, and drifts alot. I cut a spillhole in the chute after the first launch. The toothpick antennae are are still intact after five launches, though I have broke them off in the car and repaired them. I haven't launched this much as I need to go to my out-of-town site so I can recover it. I finally painted it completely for the NARTREK scale model flight. I painted all the black parts except the one panel with the white C.A.R.D.E., where I used the decal. Turned out quite nice, except for some balsa grain still showing.

Dia: 1.33"; Length: 24.9"; Wt.: 2.3oz.; Motor (1): 24mm
Recommended motor: D12-5, D12-7
Status: Active

1)4/27/97D12-5Flies really high.
2)6/19/97D12-7Chute didn't open as it melted together. Minor fin joint damage. Small Estes dent.
5)8/31/97D12-7Scale model flight for NARTREK Silver level. Broke one antenna on landing. I gave it 705 out of 1000 points.
6)4/16/98D12-5Nice flight.
7)7/25/98D12-5Nice flight.
9)11/28/98D12-5Chute stuck in body tube, took a 1 inch core sample. No body damage, broke off all the toothpick antennae.
10)8/14/99D12-5Nice flight.
11)4/22/01D12-7Nice flight.
12)5/19/01D12-7Nice flight.
13)7/21/01D12-7Nice flight.
14)7/21/01F24-7WChuffed, then a nice flight. It survived.

Black Brant II launch photo. 4/27/97.
Black Brant II NARTREK scale model photo. 8/31/97.
Black Brant II NARTREK scale model launch on a D12-7. 8/31/97.

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