Aerotech Arreaux

This is the first Aerotech rocket I built. I bought the Initiator starter kit at the same time, but I like this better so I built it first. These are nice kits! Like all Aerotech kits it comes in a box, and has molded plastic fins with through-the-wall (and to the motor mount) fin mounting. There were no factory problems with the kit. I used CA throughout as per the instructions, and it works fine(I'm used to using epoxy). This is the only Aerotech kit that comes stock with a payload section. I highly recommend this rocket. It uses cooling mesh so you don't need recovery wadding; however, the mesh tends to get plugged up after awhile (see below), so clean the mesh periodically with a long thin wire (sharpened hanger or pin glued on a dowel).

Dia: 1.9"; Length: 43"; Wt.: 12 oz.; Motor (1): 29mm (or 24mm with included adaptor)
Status: Active

1)6/02/97E18-7WVery nice flight. I love the noise and flame! The delay seems long.
2)6/02/97E11-5JUnderpowered, slow and wobbly off the rod.
3)6/08/97E18-7WVery nice flight, but a very LONG delay. It was about half way back down at ejection.
4)6/08/97F39-6TExcellent flight. Perfect delay.
5)6/08/97F39-6TAnother wonderful flight and perfect delay. A nice motor (24mm RMS) for this rocket.
6)6/17/97F37-6WGood delay. Weathercocked.
7)7/12/97E18-4WIA-X96 accelerometer payload. Nose cone came off at ejection, recovered the next day. IA-X96 came out, recovered unharmed. Garbage data.
8)7/13/97F37-6WCATO. Nozzle blew out at about 50 feet. No damage.
9)7/13/97F37-6WNice flight. Nose cone came off at ejection (again), recovered.
10)7/17/97G54-10WMy first G motor flight. Flew out of sight. Ejected RMS 29/100 casing, not recovered :(
11)7/28/97F40-7WBlew the baffle out with 1" of motor mount tube out at ejection (plugged mesh), only minor damage to body on landing.
12)8/07/97F40-7WNice flight.
13)8/11/97F40-7WAnother nice flight.
14)8/30/97F22-5JNice straight up flight.
15)9/29/97E23-5TNice flight.
16)1/31/98F40-7WCorkscrewed. Late ejection, and nose cone came off. I couldn't find it, so I bought a new one.
17)4/02/98E23-5TNice flight.
18)4/23/98F39-6TNice flight.
19)5/07/98F39-6TNice flight.
20)5/13/98F39-6TAnother nice flight.
21)5/25/98F40-7WA nice flight, but a long delay.
22)3/25/99G33-5JNice flight.
23)8/14/99G33-7JNice flight and delay.
24)9/11/99G33-7JNice flight.
25)9/24/99G33-7JNice flight.
26)9/26/99G64-10WNice flight. Nose cone came off, but I found it.
27)10/9/99G33-7JNice flight.
28)4/15/00G33-7JNice flight.
29)4/19/00F22-7JLaunch for Lewistown 8th grade science class.
30)5/13/00G33-7JNice flight.
31)10/26/00G33-7JNice flight.
32)5/19/01G40-10WNice flight.
33)6/16/01G40-10WNice flight.
34)6/16/01G40-10WNice flight.
35)9/15/01G54-6WNice flight.
36)3/16/02G40-7WNice flight.
37)4/20/02G40-7WNice flight.
38)5/18/02G38-7FJNice flight.
39)6/15/02G40-7WNice flight.
40)6/15/02G40-7WNice flight.
41)8/10/02G33-7JNice flight.
42)8/10/02G33-7JNice flight.
43)8/10/02F24-7WNice flight.
44)10/19/02G40-7WNice flight.
45)4/12/03G40-7WNice flight.
46)5/17/03G40-7WNice flight.
47)5/17/03G40-7WNice flight.

Grant holding the Arreaux.
The Arreaux lifts off on an E18-7W. 6/02/97.
The Arreaux lifts off on an E11-5J. 6/02/97.
The Arreaux lifts off on an F39-6T. 6/08/97.
MPEG movie of Arreaux launch on a F39-6T. 6/08/97. (605K)
The Arreaux blows out the baffle. 7/28/97.
The Arreaux on a G64-10W at HellFire 5. 9/26/99.

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