Aerotech HV Arcas

This is the seventh Aerotech rocket I built. Like all Aerotech kits, it comes in a box instead of a bag, and has molded plastic fins with through-the-wall (and to the motor mount) fin mounting. The upper body tube had one dent, and the fin canister tube was missing, promptly replaced after a call to Aerotech. I used CA throughout as per the instructions. I bought a coupler and bulkhead assembly and cut the body tube where the red paint ends to make the rocket separate there instead of at the nose cone. Broken fin from 5/25/98 was finally repaired 7/28/98.

Dia: 2.6"; Length: 56"; Wt.: 22 oz.; Motor (1): 29mm
Recommended motor: F39-6T, F40-4W, G33-5J, G64-7W, F50-6T, G40-7W, G80-7T
Status: Lost

1)11/22/97G64-7WExcellent flight.
2)11/23/97G64-7WAnother excellent flight.
3)1/04/98G64-7WAnother nice flight.
4)1/31/98G64-7WAnother nice flight.
5)3/21/98G64-7WPerfect flight and recovery.
6)3/26/98H180-10WOut of sight flight. Recovered a half-mile away.
7)4/02/98G80-7TNice flight.
8)4/09/98F40-4WNice flight.
9)4/22/98H128-10WWeathercocked, so delay was way too long. Sustained a 6" zipper. Repairs completed 5/11/98.
10)5/13/98G64-7WNice flight, delay was a little long for the wind. Broke part of a fin on landing.
11)5/16/98H180-10WNice flight and recovery.
12)5/25/98G64-7WNice flight and recovery.
13)5/25/98H180-10WTook of at an angle, but otherwise a nice flight. Broke a fin off on landing (repairs completed 7/28/98). Broke a leg off the Mantis pad on take-off.
14)8/06/98H180-10WNice flight and recovery.
15)8/22/98H180-10WNice flight, chute tangled on the descent. Only minor cosmetic damage.
16)9/19/98H180-10WNice flight.
17)10/24/98G64-7WNice flight.
18)11/28/98G64-7WNice flight.
19)11/28/98G64-7WAnother nice flight.
20)1/30/99F40-4WNice flight, but the delay was a little short.
21)2/27/99G64-7WNice flight.
22)3/25/99H180-10WNice flight.
23)4/11/99G64-7WNice flight.
24)4/11/99H180-10WNice flight.
25)5/08/99H180-10WNice flight.
26)5/30/99G64-7WNice flight, but the parachute tangled. No damage.
27)6/19/99H180-10WNice flight.
28)7/10/99G64-7WNice flight.
29)8/14/99G64-7WNice flight.
30)9/26/99H180-10WNice flight. Broke a fin off on landing. Repaired.
31)10/9/99G64-7WNice flight.
32)4/15/00G64-7WNice flight.
33)4/15/00H180-10WAnother nice flight.
34)5/13/00G64-7WNice flight.
35)5/13/00H180-10WAnother nice flight. Broke a fin tip off on landing.
36)6/10/00G38-7FJAnother nice flight. Broke the fin off in the car. Repaired.
37)9/15/00G64-7WAnother nice flight. Small crack in a fin.
38)9/17/00H180-10WNice flight. Small crack in the fin a little bigger.
39)10/14/00G64-7WNice flight.
40)10/26/00G38-7FJNice flight.
41)10/26/00G33-5JAnother nice flight.
42)5/19/01H180-10WNice flight.
43)6/16/01H180-10WParachute completely tangled around shock cord. Somehow no damaged sustained.
44)6/22/01G64-7WNice flight.
45)6/23/01H180-10WNice flight, but I lost it. Recovered that night by Lorna Baines. One fin with some damage.
46)9/16/01G64-7WNice flight.
47)6/15/02H97-10JNice flight.
48)7/20/02H180-10WNice flight.
49)7/20/02H97-10JNice flight.
50)10/19/02H180-10WNice flight.
51)10/19/02H180-10WNice flight.
52)4/12/03H180-10WNice flight.
53)5/17/03H180-10WNice flight.
54)10/18/03H180-10WNice flight, but lost sight of it. Never recovered.

A picture of the HV Arcas.
Six inch zipper on the HV Arcas. 4/22/98.
The HV Arcas lifting off on a G64-7W. 5/25/98.
The HV Arcas taking off on a H180-10W. Note the interesting angle between the rocket and the end of the launch rod. 5/25/98.
The HV Arcas on a H180-10W. 3/25/99.
The HV Arcas on a G64-7W. 8/14/99
The HV Arcas on a H180-10W at HellFire 5. 9/26/99.

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