Tripoli Montana

2017 Launch Schedule

This is the launch schedule for 2017. Launches are on Saturday from 9 to 5. All launches will be at the Twin Bridges site. The launches with links are major national launches of interest.

Launches usually run from 9am to 5pm, weather and other factors permitting.

Directions to the launch sites.

The Twin Bridges launch site in western Montana has a 25,000 foot MSL waiver (launch site is 5,660 feet, so about 19,340 AGL) and higher altitudes are available. Please contact Steve Shannon one week prior to launch date if higher altitudes are needed.

The launch site is on land owned by the BLM. No off-road travel with motorized vehicles is allowed. There are no sevices available at the site. We will try to have a porta-potty available.

Tripoli Montana flys under the Safety Rules set forth by the Tripoli Rocketry Association and the FAA. Big Sky Rocketry Association will fly some launches under NAR rules and insurance. We recognize both the NAR and CAR certification processes as well. Non-club members should bring their up-to-date TRA card.

Check on the weather forcast for the Twin Bridges launch site.

Only Tripoli- or NAR-certified motors may be used. No Skidmark or other sparky motors allowed due to fire concerns (maybe if there is snow on the ground).

Only biodegradable wadding may be used for recovery.

Launch Fees:

Last updated: November 2, 2017
Maintained by: Dale Emery