Nose cone pictures

My son Jackson next to my PML nose cone. Nose Cone
Nose Cone Nose cone connection to bulkhead.
The completed (but not painted) nose cone section. Nose Cone

Fin/motor mount pictures

Iris Fins Applying epoxy to the carbon fiber.
Vacuum bagging with the Food Saver. Iris Fins
Fin Section Assembling the fin/motor section.
Fin Section Fin Section
Fin Section The final fin/motor section assembly (if you can find it among the junk).

Body tube picture

The body tubes, motor mount tube, and nose cone. Body Tubes

Altimeter bays pictures

Altimeter Bays The altimeter bays before installing in a coupler.
The altimeter bays forward view with one bay installed. Altimeter Bays
Altimeters The altimeters - Missile Works RRC2 (top) and blacksky AltAcc (bottom) mounted to the boards that will slip into the bays.

Complete rocket picture

The complete rocket put together for the first time. Rocket
Iris The finished rocket after painting.

Last updated September 30, 1999.