Launch Photos

Tripoli Montana launch
October 13, 2007
Billings, MT

Jeannine Mazel's Pink Panther on a C6-5.
Dale Emery's Black Brant II on a H180-10W.
Isaac Mazel's NightHawk on an H148-10R.
Pink PantherBlack Brant IINightHawk

Keenan Cox prepares his IRIS.
Keenan Cox's IRIS on an I284-W.
Allan Cox's Little Mac on a C6-5 cluster.

Tube Pathompong's PML Black Brant.
Jeannine Mazel's Big Bertha flys overhead.
Rich Thorne loading the Red Rocket onto the rail.
Black BrantBig BerthaRich Thorne

Rich Thorne's Red Rocket on a Pro38 J285.
Braving the paparazzi.
Red RocketUltimate Endeavour

Dale Emery's Ultimate Endeavour on a J570W cluster.
A close-up shows only one J570W at full thrust on take-off.
The Ultimate Endeavour heads south.
Ultimate EndeavourUltimate EndeavourUltimate Endeavour

Tube Pathompong's PML Black Brant.
Rich Thorne's Red Rocket on another Pro38 J285.
Steve Shannon's Mustang on a G40-10W.
Blank BrantRed RocketMustang

Alan and Keenan Cox's Nike Smoke drag race. Keenan won.
One big parachute.
Nike SmokeParachute

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