Launch Photos

Tripoli Montana launch
July 17, 2004
Billings, MT

Keenan Cox's Apogee 1 on a F20-4W.
Nate Weinand's first flight ever.
Gary Frasier's Strong Arm on a G40W.
Apogee 1Nate WeinandStrong Arm

Steve Shannon's Silver Comet with a forward closure failure.
The Silver Comet's remains.
Greg Simpson's two-stage rocket.
Silver CometSilver CometGreg Simpson

Allan Cox's First Class Delivery on a F20W.
Dale Emery's Javelin on a J315-R.
Allan Cox's Arreaux on a F20-7W.
First Class DeliveryJavelinArreaux

Dale Emery's AMRAAM 2 on a G40-7W.
Keenan Cox's Big Daddy on a E9-6.
Allan Cox's Translucent Goose on a F40-7W.
AMRAAMBig DaddyTranslucent Goose

Dale Emery's Sandhawk on a K695-R.
Dale Emery's Sandhawk on a K695-R.
Keenan Cox's HV Arcas on a G64-7W.

Dale Emery's Mini-Magg on a I161-10W.
Allan Cox's First Class Delivery on a F20-7W.
Steve Shannon's Black Brant X on a G64-W.
Mini-MaggFirst Class DeliveryBlack Brant X

Gary Frasier's Eclipse on a K1100-T.
Keenan Cox's Mustang on a F12-J.

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